Shri Vardhman Navyuvak Mandal

Sanjeet Bafna
This is the best way of developing our Janisma and increase our knowledge about Jain religion bcoz in today era few persons are there who knows about Jainism and many people's are divert from Jain religion, so it is the best way to bring us on the right path and even it's the best source of gaining knowledge as well as entertainment like housie, by it we can get knowledge + entertainment so I like it so much. We should need to wide it in all over world by it we can get a personal identity being a Jain.

Naveen Bafna
Its really'n' amazing experience and these type of quiz etc. are need of present time to educate jain teen and youth. So these type of quiz very important for us hope whenever you will conduct I'll be join.

Jitendra Jain
This is the best way to develop our Jainism and increase our knowledge of Jainism, because in today's era some people are aware of Jainism and many people are separated from Jainism. That's why it is the best way to get the right path and even get the knowledge as well as the best source of entertainment. That's why I like it very much. We need to spread it all over the world so that we can get a personal identity of Jain.

Er Vaibhav Jain
The very innovative concept of Online Jain Gyan Housie and a totally fantabulous quiz to boost our knowledge in the arena of Jainism. We grasped a lot of things in this quiz, especially use of time and I.Q. Great fun and congrats on the effort of Team SVNM and blessings for future growth.

Vishal Sankhla
Jain community ke youth ko aap bahut kuch sikha rahe hai. Aaj-kal youth social networking sites and mobile ka zyada use karte hai, aapne uska tod nikalte huye online games and quiz khilane shuru kiye, jisse gyaan bhi badhta hai and hum khel-khel mein bahut kuch sikhte hai.
I'm proud of you SVNM. Doing great job.

Rakhi Lunawat
It is interesting and also a good idea to encourage to know about our religion. I enjoyed it.

Pooja Jain
It's amazing. I enjoyed a lot. It is useful to increase spiritual knowledge. I am waiting for the upcoming quiz.

Best Wisher
It is really an amazing experience and this type of quiz are need of present time to educate teen and youth. These quizzes very important for us. Hope whenever you will start it, I'll be joining.

Shikha Dhariwal
The concept is really very nice. We got to learn so many new things about our own religion which would not have been possible without this.

Surbhi Jain
It was very good and I enjoyed a lot. This quiz gives us knowledge about our religion. Please bring this competition again so that we gain some knowledge through that.

Sunny Jain
It is a very genuine and nice quiz. My first experience with SVNM was too good.

Chanchal Sankhla
It was awesome. Thanks for this quiz. It is really very good because we know how much we know our Jain Religion and learns something new.

Chandresh Jain
You're doing a great job. Thanks for your great efforts for us.

Akshita Jain
Your work is very appreciated and it is also a way to increase knowledge about Jainism.

Kavita Tater
Your idea for starting this game is really a way of spending few time in our busy schedule in Dharma. I really like and appreciate your team.

Khushbu Jain
You really work great for spread knowledge about Jain Dharma.

Nikky Jain
It is the best activity for gaining knowledge, please bring once more new activity.

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